Fun Fact:  There are 33,000+ Overwatch stories posted on Archive of Our Own, more if you count blogging sites like Tumblr. I’ve contributed ~25 vignettes to that number. 
Not much spurs me to write about an existing universe, but post-Robopocalypse Earth with a global cast gets me. 
Maybe it’s the combination of cheesy one liners and tragic backstories. Maybe it’s the rad character design. 
Whatever it is, Blizz knows how to craft an engaging universe. I just want to help fill it.
  • Narrative development— character dialogue/storylines, etc.
  • Worldbuilding — lore, flavor text, etc.
  • League coverage (podcasts, social, etc.)
  • Creative production (various)


Uprising and Retribution were two of my favorite events, mainly because we got a taste of the true storytelling potential behind these heroes.
I’d love to work on a short chapter-style campaign for each hero with cosmetic and/or credit-based rewards. 
New chapters could be added in tandem with comic canon or seasonal events, and reward rotation would prevent the story from growing stale.
This in mind, I wrote Chapter 1 stories for:
  • SYMMETRA (coming soon)
while adhering as closely as I could to existing canon (at the time of writing).

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